Enterprise Security Management Solutions

 The Expertise To Help You Build a Successful Cyber Defense

Whether you’re a large international corporation or a local small business, let CGF serve as the Center of Security Excellence for your manufacturing or business environment and provide an Enterprise Security solution scaled to your unique specifications. Our customized solutions combine security expertise and support, with the most advanced technology and protocols to help keep your information systems and data safe...your company audit-ready...and to protect your business from the costly and damaging risks associated with data theft and cyber attacks.

A Full Range of Enterprise Security Solutions

Our comprehensive Enterprise Security Management deliverables include providing assessments, monitoring and detecting network vulnerabilities, preventing breaches and providing quick response to internal and external attacks.

Security Assessments • Managed Security • Cloud Security • Intrusion Penetration • Penetration testing • Security Event Management

Our Focus Areas:

PIM Privileged Identity Management

Privileged accounts document the entry to the most critically important system and information assets of a company. Naturally, cyber attackers seek to hack into these privileged and technical accounts, which can result in the most damaging and severe security violations. CGF shares your goal to prevent potential breaches before any damage can be afflicted to your business.

CGF PIM Strategies

  • Protection of privileged accounts, as entries to important and critical systems, and information assets of a company.
  • Penetration tests on a regular basis.
  • Acquisition, documentation and auditing of privileged and technical accounts.
  • Establishment of an entire security platform for privileged and technical accounts as a strategy to protect what´s crucial.
  • Establishment of management processes for privileged and technical accounts within the framework of auditing processes (i.e. Financial institutions & insurance companies)
  • Development of global processes to protect privileged and technical accounts from cyber-attacks and misuse.

PAM Privileged Access Management

Privileged access provides just that...privileged access to crucial systems, information and processes of a company. Privileged access also allows for the administration and configuration of important processes on the operating system´s level. Let CGF work with you to establish a PAM solution that will effectively:

  • Stop insider threats.
  • Stop ransom ware attacks.
  • Stop zero day attacks.
  • Stop social engineering attacks.

We’ll start by identifying and prioritizing the most sensitive privileged access in your organization. Once these have been identified, certain fundamental tasks and measures must be in place before an effective PAM solution can be designed and implemented:

  • Active privileged management.
  • Cancellation of administration rights across the entire company and managing them.
  • Minimizing the risks of attackers obtaining access to your data.
  • Observation of necessary compliance guidelines
  • Cancellation of unnecessary access rights
  • Whitelisting of applications.

By taking a pro-active privilege management approach to eliminate extended access rights and trace vulnerabilities, CGF can help our customers accomplish more efficient sequences of operation and reduce the risk of future attacks. We can help resolve your issues in hours, not weeks.

PUM Privileged User Management

PKI Public Key Infrastructure

CKM Cryptographic Key Management

Encryption is only as secure as your encryption keys. It’s crucial to establish an entire security platform for certificates and encryption material to protect your data and information systems. Let CGF implement the right Cryptographic Key Management system –protecting, storing, backing up and organizing the encryption keys required to effectively shield your certificates and encryption material from cyber-attacks and misuse.

CGF CKM Strategies:

  • Perform Penetration tests on a regular basis for sufficiently gathering, documenting and auditing certificates as well as encryption material.
  • Monitor certificates and encryption material.
  • Intercept cyber-attacks that specifically utilize outdated positions of trust.
  • Immediate detection of security breaches with certificates and encryption material to improve reaction times.

Working together, we can help you develop, compile and administer your encryption material in order to design and ensure an effective interception. This allows for an essential monitoring of runtimes as well as the automation of manual processes. Integrating privileged and technical accounts into one solution is another option.

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